Sunday, December 27, 2009

My aaa$$

There y'all go, mafuckas.

Looking back at the post about Blatta & Inesha... I mentioned a song with samples from p0rn in it. It is called "Where is it?" and well..... HERE IT IS!

Download: Blatta & Inesha - Where is it (ft. Gigi Barocco)

(This is seriously all I can say about this song, you have to hear for yourself, so feel free to comment and whatnot on Facebook, or wait... Nobody looks at this blog -- Teehehehehe! Fuck it.)

- Ricky

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two fucked up Italian guys

Blatta & Inesha Myspace

I'm really starting to see a pattern here... You take a little bit of Italian manpower, some production equipment, and some musical background -- And you got brilliant fucking music. So far what I've seen from Italy in the electro scene is promising. The sounds are weird, heavy, loud, intolerable by some, but in the end.... fucking beautiful. These guys are Blatta & Inesha, their music is fucked up. That's really all their is to it, but it's so fucked up its good. They use a mix of samples from PORN, yes porn, and they make their own heavy electro remixes of popular classic Hip-Hop songs. (ps. I'm going on the fact that absolutely no one reads this blog, so the same thing won't happen to this somewhat indie music as the unfavorable fate of Deadmau5 or something along those lines [who now plays on Edmonton radio, that is the epitome of mainstream right there]).

(I'm not putting any download links right now, they'll be evenly distributed.)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Luv Deluxe

Not gonna lie, definitely saw this first on either Trung's Facebook status, or David's. Don't remember who, as it was a while ago, but fuck... This video is unreal. The song is so simple and chill but goes along with the video so well, really pulls you in. First thing I labeled it when I saw it was... INDIE. I'm pretty sure, yeah, it definitely falls into that category. The thing I love about this video is how different people interpret it and what emotions are extracted. How do you interpret it?

Download: Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe.mp3

- Ricky

ps. Thanks to my girlfriend for the post idea!

House N° 84

Album artwork for the Romborama album (Grotesque and Disturbing? Yeah. Awesome? Yeah.)

Romborama is the newest full-length album by The Bloody Beetroots. The album is pretty unique in it's own ways, so if you're not a fan of the weird Italian electro sound that is used by these guys, you may not like it, but it's worth a try, right? This song, which throws a combination of heavy electro music and classical samples together in a blender which is set to "Warp 7.7" speed (durp) create a heavy-hitting masterpiece. It's definitely my favorite song on the album, and you'll probably see why after listening. The song was requested to be put up by a friend, who is also a local DJ that goes by the name of DJ Corex (hopefully that still is true). In conclusion, enjoy, folks and fuckin' hipsters alike.

Download: The Bloody Beetroots - House N° 84.mp3

- Ricky

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Apparently Drugs Are Fun

I stumbled upon this eerie song (If that is what this really is) not too long ago on the interwebs. I really don't think it's a song, just a weird method of hypnosis. What I felt after listening to this song alone late at night was fright. It sure is repetitive... but damn, I think that's what makes it what it is. Enjoy.

Daniele Papini - Church of Nonsense (Original Mix)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Synthesizers n Stuff

Glowsticks are essential when reading this blog.

BITCHES BE WANTIN' DAT MUSIC AND DEM BEATS AND STUFF SO MAYBE DATS WHAT I'LL GIVE 'EM. On a more serious note; I love a lot of different things, most of which will be on this blog. Hopefully I can provide download links to most of it without getting in any kind of trouble. I don't really possess a blogging personality so I have no idea how to sound cool, so I'll keep personal communication to a minimum. I'll just be here lurkin' and providing entertainment (hopefully it IS just that).

Feedback IS appreciated! Even encouraged! Wow!