Saturday, January 30, 2010


Pretty indie, imo.

So Royksopp is a Norwegian electronic music production duo. I wouldn't think that the mainstream knows much of them, or their existence; but they are out there, waiting to be heard and widely admired. Their sound is fairly unique, it isn't like generic electronica, it has its touches, which makes it, well... Royksopp. In my mind, they had their one feel good song: Happy Up Here. I listened to it, liked it, rocked it, got over it. Now though, I stumbled upon this remix of the song, it's a mesmerizing track, and not at all true to the original. Wouldn't even recognize it to be a remix of the original. See if you can hear any similarities between the two, because I sure as hell can't. All I know is that I really like this remix, it is chill. Got that indie touch to it as well too. Enjoy.

Youtube: Original
It's so indie there isn't a YouTube link for the "Holy Fuck" remix :/

Download: Royksopp - Happy Up Here.mp3
Download: Royksopp - Happy Up Here (Holy Fuck Remix).mp3

- Ricky

Friday, January 29, 2010

Drum & Bass is cool, Ok?


OK OK... I know, all drum and bass sounds alike, and you have to be some on-the-go, lone ranger, or something that fits that profile to listen to it. When I think of people who listen to drum and bass selectively, that's all I can come up with. Someone who is bald, wearing big headphones, sporting a large goatee, wearing a tight leather coat, and some scruffy generic jeans... Is it weird that I can detail that this much? hmm... Well onto the remix, I was looking through my ringtones and go figure I have several versions of Warp, all starting with a variation of the iconic "ONE, TWO, WOOP WOOP!" So I decided I didn't have enough of those, and went searching for more. When I saw the words "Warp, drum, bass, and remix" I clicked on that link faster than fast. Seeing as how I do have a previous relationship with drum and bass (even if it's not very strong). It is an intensely QUICK song. With the cutting and elements of the original and the Drum & Bass style, I think it's a remix that the "Others" will like... Meaning "not the mainstream". So if you don't mind the sound of a little DnB, check it out. Also, this post might not have made much sense, my mind was really straying, I'm so fucking tired... ENJOYYYYY.


Download: Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - Warp (DJ Oder's DnB Remix).mp3

- Ricky

I'm going the fuck to sleep now...

Monday, January 25, 2010

In The Middle

Pop your colla, and the bitches all holla... nawt.

I seriously think that I listened to The Streets back when I was in like grade 8 or something, I remember hearing the guy JUST when he was entering like his local music scene on Much Music Wedge, and I liked his hybrid style of electrified vocals and heavily accented lyricism. Now, I stumble upon this remix during my conquests of the internets, and the name strikes familiar, so I did some research and this is that same motherfucker that I listened to way back when. Now though, my taste has obviously changed and it now has to be some kind of remix. So I present to you the Dubstep remix of "In The Middle" By The Streets. Vocals are untouched, which I kinda like in this context. The bassline, however, unlike a wearying, random, headache-inducing bassline is really what makes it for me. Fucking heavy track. Enjoy.

Youtube: Original Song

Youtube: Nero Dubstep Remix

Download: The Streets - In The Middle (Nero Dubstep Remix).mp3


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dat Bass(nectar)

Scraggly lookin' mafucka, Bassnectar.

Bassnectar has captured my heart as two things, a leader of abstract mindfuck electronica, and heavy beats and breaks to go along with those very noises. Most of the music is of acquired taste, as it isn't really traditionally what people like listening to, but it's really chill music, and especially if you're just sitting there with some earbuds in, alone, it's the ideal thing to listen to. I believe that his remixes are better than the actual productions, but that's just me They're much livelier and much more traditional in terms of modern music. This song is a remix of Fever Ray's "When I Grow Up" which is one of those chill, downbeat songs to listen to when you're isolated and just want to get away from everything. Basically all that's done is just a HEAVY beat is dropped in, and that's what makes this remix what it is. Recommendation: Turn bass all the way up, and listen with good speakers or headphones. Enjoy.


Download: Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Bassnectar Remix).mp3


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You would not believe your eyes.

Let's take an already smashing song, take some heavy bass, some synthesized drums and just a heavy kick to it, and then produce this shit. I'm bewildered by how much I love this song and I don't care what any motherfuckers out there say because... Fireflies by Owl City is the chillest song of '09. This song just makes me feel SO relaxed and I can say that the remix does the exact same thing, it's odd, but I think it really works out. Magical track. Enjoy.


Download: Owl City - Fireflies (Marlow Remix)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

u raff u ruse.

It's a Saturday, I'm too lazy to go searching for new music. Seeing as how there's music in this I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Two challenges, One is to find out the song name, and the other is to not laugh.
U Raff U Ruse, ok?


Friday, January 15, 2010

lawling fru ma teef

Errrr... I guess it's okay in Italy?

I am proud to present the next in the series of the Blatta & Inesha onslaught. Last song I brought you was "Where is it" (Featuring the porn samples and such). That was a pretty heavy, cock-slap you in the face, heavily bass-y kinda song. I'm happy to say -- This is the same thing. The original song, which is unfortunately hard to get your paws on, doesn't stray far from this song actually, this version just has that comedic Italian kick in the ass to it. Enjoy.


Download: Boltan - Laughing Through My Teeth (Blatta & Inesha Remix)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's the little things

Beetroots Mini Album, released at Christmas

When you take a song and tweak the synth ever-so-slightly, when you add some grungy lyrics, reduce the side-chaining compression on a track, it really can't be called a remix. I'd say more of an upgrade. This is Warp 1977 (1.9-7.7). I'm sure it's already quite a mainstream song, but until I find a song that y'all don't know about, here it is.


Download: Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki & Bobermann - Warp 1977



This is how I'm gonna be feeling for a week or so.

Ok so, I hate to so frequently post with no goodies to release, but come on... This picture is seriously lol-worthy, so I decided it should have some relevance to my life, well as schools starting and all and it's all first week's confusion... My brain is currently full of fuck, and seriously, the only reason for this post was to share this internet masterpiece.



^ This little guy's gonna be worth something in my Transcript ^

Well, looks like I'm gonna be juggling blogs, in between this and a School blog project kind of thing called "BackPackIt"... Hope I don't get the two mixed up or consequences could be faced. Well for now, just keep posted for a new song, it'll be up soon, once I discover it.


Monday, January 11, 2010

My own homemade MIX

I miss my tables... =(

Well... All this time I've been putting other people's music on here, I feel kinda bad -- So I threw together my own creation! Featuring -- Well you probably guessed... OTHER PEOPLE'S MUSIC! FUCK YEAH! Let me know what you think if anyone's actually reading this shit.
ps. It's mostly just vomit-inducing Electro music, not for the faint of heart.

Download: Ricky Das - 460 lbs.mp3


Rich Girl$

1/2 the genius

So... I really like rap/hip hop when it's really laid back like this, with a rapper that sounds like he's having a good time, and who is rapping about just that, lyricism outside the box... Especially with a nerdy voice and tight jeans who isn't afraid to skateboard or some shit. Some others I could name are like Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, and Kid Cudi, these guys don't rap about gang wars and teardrop tattoos and shit, they talk about having just a plain old good fucking time, and that is why I present to you this song: Rich Girls, open it up in a few months though when its summer time, and actually appropriate to listen to.

Download: Shwayze - Rich Girls.mp3