Monday, January 25, 2010

In The Middle

Pop your colla, and the bitches all holla... nawt.

I seriously think that I listened to The Streets back when I was in like grade 8 or something, I remember hearing the guy JUST when he was entering like his local music scene on Much Music Wedge, and I liked his hybrid style of electrified vocals and heavily accented lyricism. Now, I stumble upon this remix during my conquests of the internets, and the name strikes familiar, so I did some research and this is that same motherfucker that I listened to way back when. Now though, my taste has obviously changed and it now has to be some kind of remix. So I present to you the Dubstep remix of "In The Middle" By The Streets. Vocals are untouched, which I kinda like in this context. The bassline, however, unlike a wearying, random, headache-inducing bassline is really what makes it for me. Fucking heavy track. Enjoy.

Youtube: Original Song

Youtube: Nero Dubstep Remix

Download: The Streets - In The Middle (Nero Dubstep Remix).mp3


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