Thursday, February 11, 2010


In my opinion, doesn't really look like a normal human being...

Well, as I was raving (negatively) about Weezy's new album, which might as well should have been the next Fall Out Boy album or something, I stumbled upon a couple of good tracks. I liked "Drop the world", but I LOVED "I'm not a human". This post's main focus will be the latter. Well, first off... What can be expected? What is Lil Wayne's capability? Lyrics - No. Beats - Rarely. So it had to have been one of those two, or both. Once again, we're going to focus on the latter. I like this song because of its punch-in-the-balls beat. It combines heavy heavy kick drums and extended bass notes (kinda like A Milli) with retro sounding samples from songs most likely from the 80s-90s. Once again, I only like this song for the beat, I still think Weezy is a shitty, lacking-in-substance lyricist. But what can ya do? Well here it is, "Alien" Lil Wayne's new album's banger. Enjoy.


Download: Lil Wayne - I'm not human.mp3

- Ricky

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